What’s a Beta Reader?

Beta readers give me much needed feedback on my work before the rest of the world gets to see it. I can only read my own story so many times before all of the chapters start to blur together, so my beta readers let me know about plot holes, unconvincing characters, and grammatical errors.

What does a Beta Reader do?

Read my book before anybody else! In turn I ask you give honest, productive feedback.

What is honest, productive feedback?

“I don’t understand this section, who is she talking to?” .:. “I feel like [character] is too perfect, can you make him more believable?” .:. “When did this happen? I didn’t know [character] had a sister!” .:. “I thought [character] was already sitting down, how did she get across the room?”

You’ll notice each example is actionable, and tells me exactly what I need to work on. Simply saying “I don’t like this paragraph,” or “this isn’t believable” doesn’t help me. What don’t you like about it, what isn’t believable. Make sure the feedback is clear in what I need to fix, I’m not a mind reader.

Who qualifies as a beta reader?

Do you love contemporary romance with a touch of Christianity? Do you often find yourself catching mistakes in published books that were missed by others? Can you give brutally honest feedback without being afraid to hurt my feelings (but still in a polite way, seriously I have feelings too)?

All I ask is that you’ve read You Wash I’ll Dry and Book2 (coming soon) and can read my new story within the deadline (normally ten-ish days) from when the digital copy is sent out. If you’re given a copy but don’t follow through, you will not be asked to beta read my future works.

When will beta readers be needed?

I don’t have a timeline for book three yet, however you can still sign up and I will update you when I’m ready!

Email me at authormallorybrown@gmail.com to sign up!