You Wash I’ll Dry

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You Wash I'll Dry Kindle CoverAlecia “Alex” Knight has spent her life ensuring the world’s most influential women and children have the tools and resources to get themselves out of trouble. Running one of the world’s top self defense companies has its perks; and its drawbacks. Jaded by her high-school boyfriend, Alex has one rule; no dating clients. Because she eats, sleeps and breaths work, this rule has been quite convenient.

That was until Marcus Jones walks into her life. Referred to her by his best friend, Alex is not impressed with his old fashioned views and demanding personality. That is until his seven year old daughter joins them. A devoted and doting father, Marcus and Isabella wiggle their way into Alex’s heart.

Can Alex work through the pain of her past and perform her duties at Knight Defense?


All My Stars

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All My Stars Kindle Cover

On the run from an abusive husband, Amelia Nolan knows how to keep her head down. She is careful of where she goes, what she says, and who she sees. She is especially careful of muscled men that seem to be too good to be true. As long as she continues to remind herself that she’s a married woman — and not to flirt — it shouldn’t be a problem. If only reminding herself once was all it would take.

Eric O’Brien has always felt the need to play protector. That’s why he joined the Marines, and that’s why he has dedicated his life after the service to Knight Defense. He wants nothing more than to keep Amelia safe; but as she keeps reminding him, she’s a married woman.

When Amelia is offered a second chance, a fresh single beginning, she jumps in with both feet. Her hands may be covering her eyes, but as long as she’s peeking through her fingers it counts — right?


Sam and Claire’s Story

No timeline yet, but I’m hoping for early 2018